Westlake Timber Ltd


Our Products

Pre-Cut, Pre-Nailed Frames



Steel erection team

  • Predominantly built in Douglas Fir (ex 100x50) framing
  • Kiln-dried Radiata supplied on request
  • Nelson Pine LVL

Roof Trusses

  • Detailed using the latest version of MITEK software and assembled with the GANG-NAIL plate system.
  • Built in Douglas Fir or Kiln-dried Radiata.

Our preferred option for fabrication is Douglas Fir as we have found it stays naturally straight and has good strength ratings. The timber, sourced from our Nelson suppliers, which is of a consistently high grade, benefits in our production.


A manufactured system which is a method of providing large clear spans in rafter, purlin and floor joist situations, with ease of use and accessability to subcontractors for the threading of pipes and wires etc.

Steel Beams

We have an attached Engineering Workshop. Steel Beams are manufactured at the detailing stage and are ready to go out to site and be lifted into place as soon as the frames are stood. This ensures that construction runs smoothly with no hold-ups. We have our own Hiab Truck for this purpose.


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