Westlake Timber Ltd


About Us

Westlake Timber is privately owned and from small beginnings has grown in size to become a major player in the manufacturer of Frames and Trusses in the South Island of New Zealand.

In 2002 we introduced the first computerised technology into our factory and the benefits have been of great value to ourselves and our customers. We have been working closely with SPIDA Machinery to further develop new and innovative ways of further advancing both the cutting and handling of timber.

The direct result of this has led to our recent purchase of the SPIDA "Framemaster". Its ability to cut and trench plates to pinpoint accuracy has been a real boost to production and efficiency.

In September 2012, Westlake Timber was purchased by David Fleming. We continue to operate independently under private ownership, with Paul Stockford as Manager.

Our greatest asset is our dedicated staff of 26 employees, some of whom have been with us since the formation of the company. Everyone has adapted well and is enjoying the challenge of the new technology and management.

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